Official Dealer of Hankook Racing Tires in the Americas

We are the official dealer of Hankook racing tires for the Americas. We carry all sizes of F200 slick tires and Z207 rain tires. All sizes are always in stock. We also carry a limited number of Z214 DOT semi-slick tires. Please check with us to confirm availability.

We provide full service trackside fitting at sponsored events with new mount and balance equipment. Would you like to provide trackside tire fitting to your next event? Contact us for more information

Whether we are trackside at your race or driving event or not, you can always reach us to ask questions about setup, pressure, and general tire recommendations. Our engineers all have multiple years of field experience and can guide you on the best way to prepare your car.

Danny van Dongen

Ask Danny

Danny van Dongen is the founder of Race Tires Sales and Service Inc, the servicer and dealer of Hankook racing tires in the Americas. Danny is a professional race car driver from the Netherlands, born into a racing family. He began karting when he was 6 and racing when he was 14. He is best known as the factory driver of Praga race cars but has driven and won many series in GT, touring and prototype cars. He also has a FIA racing school in the Netherlands, along with a racing series and track day organization. He has been racing on Hankook tires for over 7 years and has faced all track and temperature conditions. As a driver he understands performance and safety needs but as an organizer he also understands budget. That's why Hankook is his tire of choice - the perfect combination of performance, endurance and price.

Have questions about setup or tire pressures? Or maybe you just want his advice on how to take turn 17 at Sebring? Give him a call or a WhatsApp +31 6 555 64307 or send him an email. He will be happy to hear from you!



United States Headquarters in Florida. Regional offices in California, Texas and North Carolina. European Headquarters in Netherlands.


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